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Classic Art

Your kitchen is a place where you can enjoy life. Pleasant evenings with friends, good conversations, a comfortable breakfast with the family. With Classic Art, you can design this place with everything that is important to you. A carefree atmosphere, warmth, comfort, combined with a keen sense of elegance. In every detail, you will recognize the craftsmanship, the value, the durability. This is what being at home feels like.


Chateau / Palais

Its bold light/dark contrasts lend a special charm to this country-house-style kitchen in oak veneer. Cleverly applied stylistic elements set subtle highlights: finely crafted solid wood frames, handles in various shapes and a perfectly executed profile.



In this kitchen, the classic country-house style presents itself in its most appealing form. The design of the finely profiled frame fronts is continued discreetly in the profile, while the surfaces shine in polished high gloss lacquer.



With muntin-bar glazing on the wall units, finely crafted frame fronts and black marble surroundings, Palladio creates a stylish and at the same time comfortable ambience. The fronts in antique white solid oak wood are harmoniously framed by profiled columnar side panels.



The model Torino is characterized by its well-balanced color harmony. Together with the magnolia-colored doors of the shelf rack, the frame in solid oak and the panels in tobacco-colored oak veneer create a welcoming atmosphere.


Ancona Dressing room

A dream of your own dressing room in the classic art programme Ancona. You can put together your own dressing room according to your wishes and ideas: Wardrobes, shelves, chests of drawers and practical accessories that fit your dressing room perfectly – without compromise!

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