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Modern Art

In reduction, beauty reveals itself in its purest form. This clarity is strictly focused on the essential. If pure aesthetics are essential for you, our Modern Art line of kitchens will help you create a masterpiece of your own. Stylish in its appearance, impressive in its simple elegance, consistently without handles in its execution. This is how the combination of top-end design and sophistication creates pure emotion.

la Cura



In our classic la Cura, lightness and elegance merge into a well-balanced overall appearance. Without horizontal handles and showcasing minimalistic design, the wave-shaped fronts characterize the essence of this kitchen and give it a natural liveliness. The rounded side panels harmoniously match the perfectly continuous wave structure. High-quality lacquered surfaces underline the sophistication of the exclusive top-end look.

Opaco Supermatt 



From the very first touch, this kitchen fascinates due to its extraordinary texture. The novel surface Opaco "Elephant Skin" was inspired by nature. Extremely resistant to fingerprints and tougher than conventional materials, it appears elegant and robust at the same time. The applications in olive wood veneer highlight the unique design of the ensemble. The applications in olive wood veneer highlight the unique design of the ensemble. .




Functionally separated and yet harmoniously united. The solitaire concept features the highest level of veneer craftsmanship in the areas of cooking, dining and living. Colors, materials, and stylistic elements are repeatedly incorporated to complete the overall work of art. The elegant eye-catcher combines the groove-structured Fineline crystal white high-gloss lacquer front with artisanal perfection and graceful design. And it impresses with its exquisite Makassar veneer with continuous horizontal grain.

Supermatt Black



This new kitchen variant represents the art of being unique. The innovative "Opaco" surface remains absolutely free of fingerprints, thus preventing the build-up of patina and preserving the beauty of the kitchen for many years to come. Deliberately showcasing it in black supermatt, allmilmö emphasizes the high quality and art of the handmade. Including all the possibilities of differentiation, this kitchen combines flexibility with great craftsmanship.

Spatola Smart



The special thing about Spatola Smart is the skillful way how it is created. The fronts and side panels are coated with genuine fine concrete and then carefully sanded. In the final processing step, the surfaces are sealed to make them suitable for use in the kitchen. Therefore, each kitchen is a true original, embodying everything that makes allmilmö what it is: great craftsmanship, fine materials and precise, clean lines.


In this kitchen, opposites merge into an extraordinarily well-balanced overall picture. The clear visual language of the white, handleless fronts fully reveals the effect of the wave-like structure of the kitchen island and base units. With its filigree, organic-looking lines, Wave is reminiscent of flowing water. This symbiosis of black and white, playful and strict, creates a completely new level of harmony.

Polished High Gloss



In this consistently handleless, completely white kitchen, reduction becomes a stylistic device. With their clear structure, the elegant horizontal and vertical lines of the fronts make the room seem more spacious.

Cortina Unicolor



With its fine nuances and shades of elegant black, Cortina unicolor radiates pure elegance. The fronts and the surroundings are veneered in oak and lacquered in black. The horizontally continuous grain pattern is evidence of the highest level of precision craftsmanship. This gives the kitchen a surprisingly dynamic touch and at the same time makes it appear discreetly stylish. An after-effect that stays with you for a long time.

Linea Smart



Linea Smart stands for timeless design and puristic aesthetics. The continuous lines define the framework for a kitchen architecture that impresses with simplicity: continuously handleless and with a high level of perfection in the details. All surfaces, fronts, worktops, side panels and the recess above the worktop are made of heavy-duty laminate in the same color. A clear statement for pure white.

Riva Manico



Gentle, calm and balanced. Riva Manico creates a pleasantly harmonious atmosphere through the perfect alignment of its look and feel. The sand oak decor with synchronous pores creates a feeling of warmth and comfort by imitating the wood’s grain pattern. A kitchen that elegantly combines authenticity and natural ambience.


The tall units in ash grey wood decor stylishly frame the airy-white kitchen island. They can be opened ergonomically by the vertical Modern Art Vertikon handle rail. On the kitchen side, the Surf front with curved Malibu handle rails is visible.

Fineline Smart



The Fineline model, with its groove-textured, high-gloss white lacquer front (also available in diamond lacquer) is an elegant eye-catcher of the finest craftsmanship and graceful design. High-quality surfaces and the calm, "consistently handleless" lines in the upper and lower cabinet area harmonize perfectly with the appliance wall in the Makassar transverse veneer version, which has a special visual and functional appeal thanks to the elegant pocket door system. Even the cooker hood blends into the linear look.

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