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Opaco supermatt Elephant Skin 70

From the very first touch, this kitchen fascinates due to its extraordinary texture. The novel surface Opaco "Elephant Skin" was inspired by nature. Extremely resistant to fingerprints and tougher than conventional materials, it appears elegant and robust at the same time. The applications in olive wood veneer highlight the unique design of the ensemble. The continuous horizontal grain pattern is evidence of the highest level of craftsmanship in veneer art and opens up freedom for creative design.

Cross-groove structure

With a gentle cross-groove structure as the characteristic style element, this kitchen has a distinctive, flowing look. The fine grooves give the fronts a soft touch and make them very easy to clean. The durable laminate is manufactured in a joint venture.



Inspired by the skin of elephants, the worktops in studded leather structure make an impression not only through their unique appearance, but also through their practical properties: extremely durable and hardwearing, yet very easy to clean.


Sliding door unit

Our new sliding door unit is harmoniously inserted into the kitchen island and can be used individually and for a variety of purposes.


Olive wood veneer

With their warm color tone, the applications in olive wood veneer create shimmering golden highlights. The seamless, continuous grain pattern draws attention to the precision of the workmanship and gives the kitchen an emotional appeal.

Functional Equipment

a-Box storage pullout unit with adjustable boxes.

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