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Fineline Smart high gloss lacquer white

The Fineline model, with its groove-textured, high-gloss white lacquer front (also available in diamond lacquer) is an elegant eye-catcher of the finest craftsmanship and graceful design. High-quality surfaces and the calm, "consistently handleless" lines in the upper and lower cabinet area harmonize perfectly with the appliance wall in the Makassar transverse veneer version, which has a special visual and functional appeal thanks to the elegant pocket door system. Even the cooker hood blends into the linear look.


With their technical layout, the lines on the fronts of the Fineline program harmonize very well with the natural lines of the Tineo veneer.


Detail of the Fineline front. A harmonious interaction of Fineline as a side panel and front.

A look behind the pocket doors of the appliance wall is worthwhile: Wine connoisseurs love the two wine storage cabinets for their samples of "bottled poety"; in the shelves above there is space for suitable wine glasses, corkscrews etc. The built-in electrical appliances, such as oven, microwave or coffee maker, are cleverly concealed in the tall unit.

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