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Concrete, metal, stone, Dekton


Exposed concrete as a design element is indispensable in modern architecture. Especially within combinations of various materials, real concrete surfaces create a lasting impression with their optical and haptic uniqueness. As you can expect from allmilmö, this surface is also real, of course. The concrete filler is applied purely by hand and makes each individual surface unique. Combined with a-Box walnut veneer wood furnishings, the natural material contrasts beautifully with the warm wood tones.


Due to its tactile coolness alone, metal is one of the most interesting materials for kitchens.


When faced with something that nature has already created in perfection, all that is left for us to do is to process it with utmost respect. Impressive stone surfaces are an intentional and provocative contradiction to warm wood veneers in the allmilmö kitchen.


"Dekton" is a material made of 20 natural minerals and rocks. The engineered stone is colour stable, resistant to abrasion, scratch and impact resistant, water and stain resistant as well as resistant to extreme temperatures and UV radiation.

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