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Functionally separated and yet harmoniously united. The solitaire concept features the highest level of veneer craftsmanship in the areas of cooking, dining and living. Colors, materials, and stylistic elements are repeatedly incorporated to complete the overall work of art. The elegant eye-catcher combines the groove-structured Fineline crystal white high-gloss lacquer front with artisanal perfection and graceful design. And it impresses with its exquisite Makassar veneer with continuous horizontal grain.


The functional zones such as cooling, storing, preparing, cooking and dishwashing are optimally thought out. Placed in the center of the kitchen, they provide short distances and perfect organization. The cooking and dishwashing island offers plenty of space and opens towards the dining table in matching Makassar veneer.


In finest handcrafted perfection and attractive design, the elegant eye-catcher combines the crystal white Fineline groove structured high gloss lacquer front with a shelf that comes in impressive Makassar veneer.

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