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Design Art

A surprising and fascinating range of shapes, the harmonious interaction of materials, always with an eye for originality. With Design Art, you will find exactly the look that reflects your view of things: Creative stylistic elements and innovative combinations complement each other with intelligent functionality and thus create an inspiring ensemble. Art and object become one and create a living space that offers everything you need: Modernity, sophistication, variety – and the appreciation of even the smallest details.

Opaco / la Cura

So inspiring: design strong la Cura meets anti-finger print OPACO! Perfectly matched materials, great design, the fantastic feel and an island monolith that makes a real statement.


Lucido / Opaco

The mat anti-fingerprint acrylic lacquer surface "Opaco" or the high-gloss "Lucido" will surprise with brilliant colours. This elegant but robust and easy-care surface material.


Stone Ocean Green

What nature has already perfected, we can now also offer you in our new Stone program, namely impressive stone surfaces. Stone is a natural raw material. It is unique and fascinating. 


Opaco Supermatt Anthracite

Creating a high-quality kitchen is actually no different to cooking a first-rate meal: You take optimal materials or ingredients and process them at the highest level with a great degree of passion.



The Metal-X² kitchen captivates with a spatula-applied layer of metal: metal extracted from nature is ground, liquefied and then applied manually. 


Senza Utility Room

This is how the design art Senza surprises in light green with the interplay of single-colour fronts and the Opaco “Elephant Skin” worktop with rear wall panelling.



Graceful and sublime, of extraordinary beauty, delicately outlined by a stainless-steel decor frame. With this kitchen model by Danish designer Pia Würtz, which has won several design awards,.


Pia Picco

Pia Picco combines classic shapes and modern kitchen design to create a unique and expressive concept for the living and dining area


Pia Picco High Gloss Lacquer

The fronts of the model Pia lagoon blue in matt lacquer present themselves in a wonderful contrast to the surrounding design. Set off with a filigree edge in stainless steel decor.



The floating island with its sink center radiates a touch of lightness. The generous preparation island offers space for slicing, seasoning and arranging. 



Anyone who knows allmilmö knows that this top-end brand manufacturer not only pays attention to every small technical detail, but also to "inner values", such as state-of-the-art pullout mechanisms. 



Glass fronts & strong contrasts characterize the design of Vaso. The vertical lines of the white wall units meet the dominant black of the back wall & worktop.



Highlighting details, mixing materials and uniting everything in harmonious colors: allmilmö achieves this with Wave, an impressively designed.


Picco / Cortina de Luxe

An elegant eye-catcher that showcases outstanding craftsmanship – Picco matt lacquer combined with Cortina de Luxe in vertical Tineo veneer.


Picco High Gloss Laquer White

Discover a modern take on the kitchen. The model Picco high gloss white offers everything to fulfill your personal kitchen dream. Clean lines, consistently handleless and refinements that please.



The unique flair of the model Junior can be experienced through its composition "as if from a single mold". Harmonious, flowing, perfectly designed and with surfaces made of heavy-duty laminate

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